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For use by the extended clan in Rochester, Atlanta, and Seattle. 
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Note on spelling /măk'ĭn·ĕr·nē/

We are assured by many folks that we spell our family name wrong, that it really should be written McInerney. Probably true. But we don't know how we're related to any of those McInerneys, so we'll just be happy with our spelling. Plus, our name just fits into many old-style logins and filenames! Clearly, we're prepped for the digital age -- I mean, we even have our own portal, and what do the McInerney's have, eh? ;-)

Family Origins?

A friend of my father's (Ned Corman) once told him (half in jest, perhaps), that McInerny meant "son of the keeper of the Bishop's keys".

According to Steve Kinerk:

``... Mc Inerney is derived from Mac an Archinnigh which means son of the steward of the church lands.''
Maybe Ned wasn't kidding?


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